Hi, looking for a writer?

You have an incredible story to tell.

This story or idea you want to share may be an article for your local paper, an ad for your business, a new marketing plan, a speech, a website, or even a book.

But when you sit down to write it, the story or idea is always just on the tips of your fingers or at the very point of your pencil. You just can’t seem to grab the beast and wrestle it onto your computer screen or piece of paper.

Why? Why doesn’t it want to come out and play? It’s a great idea.

Could be that you’re too busy or, maybe, you just don’t want to sit still and bleed out your idea. It’s just not your thing. You have other plates to spin. But you really think you have a monster idea inside your brain pan.

What do you do? Let me do it. I write. Trust me to set your idea free.

Interested? Click on the tabs above, and I’ll walk you through my pitch.