Hi, looking for a writer?

You want to be a writer because you have an incredible tale to tell.

This story or idea you want to write and share with the rest of the known universe may be an article for your newspaper, a hot political blog, an ad for your business, a new marketing plan, a speech, website content, a seminar you want to put together, or even an entire E-book. If you’re old school, a real paper book.

But when you finally find the time to sit down to write and be a writer, your BIG story or INCREDIBLE idea is always just on the very tip of your fingers. You can’t seem to wrestle the beast from your brain to the screen.

Why? Why doesn’t it want to come out and play? It’s a great idea. You want to share it. You’ve looked over a bunch of How to be a Writer sites on Google.

Could be that you’re too busy or, maybe, you just don’t want to sit still and bleed out your story. Writing might just not your thing. You’re a thinker. You come up with thousands of ideas a year. Plus, you have other plates to spin. What about the kids? While you’re sitting all alone writing, who’s going to take care of your children or feed Mr. Whiskers, your cat? But, it’s a hell of a story. You think you have the next Harry Potter inside your brain pan. A story to change the very fate of the known world.

What do you do? Relax. Let me do it. I’m a writer. I love getting into a story and finding that one little nugget of a detail. A nugget you didn’t think mattered. Trust me all nuggets matter. Let me set your idea free.

Interested? Click on the tabs above, and I’ll walk you through my pitch.